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5 Reasons Why Your Home’s Furnace Is Producing Cold Air

A furnace is one the most important appliances in many American homes. It keeps your living space comfortable and warm during the cold months. However, the last thing you want is a faulty furnace that blows cold air in your house. Even if your heating unit is fairly new, many things can go wrong, causing this unpleasant surprise. However frustrating the situation is, you have to fix it. The best solution is to call Premier Indoor Comfort Systems to avoid spending unnecessary time in a cold house and interrupting your plans. Besides, you don’t want to risk having frozen pipes. Here are five reasons you’re getting a blast of cold air from your heating unit and how to fix the problem.

1. Clogged Filter

One of the common issues that may result in your heating system blowing cold air in your house is a dirty or clogged filter. Inside your unit is a filter that entraps air pollutants such as dirt, dust, pollen, pet dander, and other debris. With time the furnace filter may become overly dirty and clogged, causing your heating unit to malfunction. If the furnace fails to blow air across its heat exchange coils, the unit is more likely to overheat and eventually switch off, resulting in cold air. If you are not sure about the condition of your filter, schedule a furnace inspection with Premier Indoor Comfort Systems. Our heating experts will inspect the heating unit and change the filter if it is dirty.

2. Leaky Ductwork

Your furnace distributes heated air throughout your house using ductwork that travels through your home’s walls. If your furnace is generating hot air, but your vents are not emitting it into the house, the air ducts might have leaks that allow hot air to escape. Leaky or damaged ducts can also cause issues with your air conditioning. Therefore, it’s important to get the ductwork inspected and repaired immediately. Finding cracks or holes in your ductwork and sealing them should be left to professionals since they have the necessary tools and expertise to handle ductwork problems.

3. The Pilot Light Is Off

If your heating system is an older model, it’s more likely to have a pilot light that continuously burns to ignite the larger burner when needed. If you have not used your home’s furnace all summer, the pilot light might have gone off due to a strong draft or a dirty valve. Relighting the pilot light is easy for many homeowners since you’ll find the instructions printed on the side of the furnace. If the pilot light continues to go off after relighting, call us to assess the unit for further problems within the system.

4. Your Furnace Needs Time To Warm Up

When you turn on your hot water shower, cold water comes out first. The same effect occurs when you turn on your furnace. If your heating system kicks in and starts blowing cold air, you need to give it several minutes. Furnaces need time to warm up since they must push out the cold air from the air vents before sending out the heated air. Call Premier Indoor Comfort Systems to troubleshoot the problem if several minutes pass and the air is still cold.

5. Incorrect Thermostat Settings

The other common culprit of heating problems is an incorrect thermostat setting. Check your thermostat setting if the air from your vents seems cold and your home isn’t receiving the needed heat. Generally, furnaces have “auto” and “on” options. When you set the heating unit to “on,” the fans will keep running, but your furnace will not heat the air. Therefore, you need to set your unit to “auto.” This way, the thermostat will detect when the ambient temperature differs from the setting and kick-start the heating system to heat and circulate hot air.

Partner With the Heating Experts Today!

Your furnace can produce cold air due to any of the above issues. The good news is that you can prevent most heating system problems by scheduling annual maintenance. If your heating unit is blowing cold air in your house and you can’t identify the primary source of the problem, call a professional from Premier Indoor Comfort Systems to inspect the furnace. Our experts can fix the problem, provide additional insights, and help determine whether it’s time to replace the furnace.

We also provide radiant heating, cooling, air quality, and HVAC zoning services throughout Whittier, NC, and the surrounding regions. Contact Premier Indoor Comfort Systems today for quality and professional furnace services.