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Additional HVAC Services

Programmable Thermostats, Radiant Heating, & More in Western North Carolina

Get & stay comfortable in your own way with these versatile HVAC services.

When it comes to getting and staying comfortable in Western North Carolina, there’s more than one way. While most homeowners install traditional heating and cooling systems, not every home can host standard equipment. In older or historic homes, there may not be space for ductwork. Smaller homes or condos may not have room for large furnaces. Regardless of your space, you don’t have to rely on wood-burning stoves or open windows. Alternative HVAC equipment can seamlessly improve properties of every stripe, especially when overseen by NATE-certified technicians with decades of experience.

At Premier Indoor Comfort Systems, we think outside of the usual HVAC box. Our versatile heating and cooling solutions can retrofit any property for reliable comfort. Looking to upgrade your existing system? Check out our smart thermostats. If half your family runs hot and the other half runs cold, explore our HVAC zoning options for customizable temperature control room by room. Since 2012, we’ve paired homeowners with the equipment and technology they need. Let us do the same for you by calling us today!

Explore the Best HVAC Solutions For Your Home.

Life without a modern HVAC system may sound romantic at first, but the reality is anything but. Let us pair your property with a heating and cooling solution that works for you. Call today.

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Modern Alternatives to Central AC & Heating Systems

For many modern homes throughout the Southeastern US, central air conditioning is the default. But in older homes, smaller homes, and historic homes, you’re more likely to find disappointing window units or ancient radiators. At Premier Indoor Comfort Systems, we specialize in central heating and cooling, but we also offer the latest alternatives. From upgrades like smart thermostats to space-saving solutions like ductless mini-splits, radiant heating, and HVAC zoning, we can pair your property with a solution that works for you. Call us today for a free quote on all your heating and cooling needs!

Our Additional HVAC Services in Western NC

What Types of Properties Benefit From HVAC Alternatives?

Central AC may be the norm in the Southeast, but elsewhere throughout America, properties get by with alternative heating and cooling systems. These HVAC systems don’t usually require extensive ductwork, extra space indoors, or expensive retrofitting methods. Some modern HVAC alternatives are plug-and-play, making them ideal for certain properties. Ductless mini-splits, HVAC zoning, and radiant heating are excellent solutions for the following types of properties:

  • OLD OR HISTORIC HOMES: Homes built before 1960 won’t always have room for ductwork. Additionally, old wood-burning furnaces can pose a danger to modern homeowners. Thankfully, new HVAC advancements can easily take the place of underwhelming window units or aging radiators.
  • SMALLER PROPERTIES: Bungalows, manufactured homes, and other small properties can’t always spare the space for a full-sized AC system or furnace. Our NATE-certified technicians can examine the footprint/square footage of your property and suggest the most cost-effective heating and cooling solution.
  • INVESTMENT/RENTAL PROPERTIES: Unlike a family home, investment and rental properties may not be in constant use throughout the year. For properties with occasional HVAC demands, alternative systems are affordable, easily installed, and long-lasting.
  • TEMPORARY BUILDINGS: Mobile offices, command centers, and other temporary structures don’t have to be uncomfortable. Our alternative HVAC solutions are perfect for long- or short-term applications.

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There’s more than one way to invest in your property while staying comfortable all year long. At Premier Indoor Comfort Systems, we put decades of experience to work on every job we’re lucky enough to land. With upfront pricing, same-day service, and NATE-certified technicians on our side, there’s no HVAC job too big or too small. Call today for your free quote or reach out online to discuss your HVAC needs.