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UV Lights

Western NC’s Experts in UV Lights for HVAC Systems

Fewer illnesses, more days spent enjoying the best of life in Western North Carolina.

Our homes are our sanctuaries. When we’re here, we like to think we’re safe from all the germs, viruses, and bacteria that spread throughout crowded public spaces. But many people don’t realize that their home’s HVAC systems can recirculate anything that they bring in, from mold spores to cold viruses. That’s why most buildings in Western NC could benefit from having UV lights installed. Ultraviolet lights are a great option for keeping the air in your home as clean as possible. They can be installed in the ductwork of a building so that all of the air that flows through is exposed to them—eliminating airborne threats before they reach your lungs.

Because of the high energy of UV lights, these systems are able to deactivate viruses, bacteria, and mold. That means these dangerous contaminants can’t reproduce and make you or your family sick. Having ultraviolet light in your building can give you peace of mind about the safety of the air you’re breathing inside. Ready to learn more about what a UV system could do for your home? Schedule an air quality assessment today and get expert recommendations, free quotes, and financing options that make air quality upgrades affordable and accessible!

Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Get an air quality assessment!

With a UV air purifier system, you can break the cycle of illness and give your family the clean air they deserve. Learn how these long-lasting marvels can improve your home’s air quality!

Choose Us for Expert HVAC UV Light Repair & Installation Services

If you’re thinking about installing a UV germicidal light, it’s important to talk to a true ultraviolet light expert about your options for a system. At Premier Indoor Comfort Systems, our indoor air quality experts can answer any of your questions and assist in making decisions on how to move forward. We’ll ensure that your new system is properly sized for your home and budget. During the installation process, we’ll make sure that everything is hooked up safely and set up for optimal operation. Then, once we’re done, you’ll receive training on the operation and care of your lighting system.

We don’t expect you’ll need repairs on your equipment anytime soon, but if for any reason you do, we’ll be ready with same-day service, no-surprise pricing, and satisfaction guaranteed!

Harness the Power of Light to Improve Your Home’s Air

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Unmatched AC UV Light System Services in North Carolina

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The Many Benefits of Installing UV Lights in AC & Heating Systems

Ultraviolet lights are a great investment in your home. They can improve the airflow throughout your space and keep your rooms fresh and clean. This can lead to reduced maintenance costs for your duct system, heater, and air conditioner. Among the many benefits of ultraviolet light, you’ll enjoy:

  • DEACTIVATION OF MOLD AND MILDEW: The DNA of microorganisms like mold and mildew absorbs UV energy. This damages the DNA, preventing the microorganisms from replicating and ultimately rendering them inactive.
  • MINIMIZED DISEASE SPREAD: UV lights installed in HVAC systems can kill or deactivate airborne pathogens. As air circulates through UV light zones, the UV rays target and neutralize bacteria and viruses present in the air.
  • HIGHER AIR QUALITY: UV lights improve air quality by reducing airborne pathogens, controlling mold growth, and eliminating odors. When integrated into HVAC systems, UV lights are part of a comprehensive approach to creating a healthier indoor environment.
  • CLEANER DUCT SYSTEMS: UV lights can be integrated into HVAC systems to disinfect the air as it circulates through the system. This prevents the growth of mold and bacteria within the heating and cooling system, improving overall air quality.

What Our Happy Customers Say

Install an AC UV Light in Your Western NC Home

The more time you spend indoors, the more concerned you need to be about the quality and purity of your home’s air. As Western North Carolina’s leading provider of indoor air quality services, we’re ready to equip your home with the most advanced air purifying technology available on the market. We strive to make all of our services affordable with free estimates and financing options, so you can enjoy fewer sick days and more time doing what you love.

At Premier Indoor Comfort Systems, we’re ready to install a UV system in any type of building in Whittier and Western North Carolina. To learn more about UV lights and how they could be beneficial in your home, call Premier Indoor Comfort Systems today.