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Programmable Thermostat

Find the Best Smart Thermostat for Your Western NC Home

WiFi-enabled & endlessly programmable, these thermostats increase comfort & save money.

In the average American household, the thermostat is a place for debate. More heated conversations happen in front of the thermostat than nearly anywhere else. Your daughter is cold. Your son is burning up. You’re a bit on the warm side yourself but worry about the bills too much to crank on the AC. Some days, it feels like everyone experiences the same temperature differently. Thankfully, modern problems have modern solutions. These days, smart thermostats can learn your habits, remember your preferences, and act accordingly to suit your family’s needs.

At Premier Indoor Comfort Systems in Western North Carolina, we’ve been excited about programmable thermostats since the very first day. These convenient gadgets are quickly installed, easy to use, and endlessly customizable. Manage the temperature yourself from anywhere in the world. You can also just let the thermostat do the work by learning your schedule and adjusting the temperature to save you money and keep you comfortable. Not sure which thermostat you need? We can help! Call us today at (828) 844-5116 to find the best smart thermostat for your home.

End the Temperature Debate with a Smart Thermostat Today!

Modern homes are getting smarter and smarter. Upgrade your property’s IQ with a programmable thermostat installation from Western NC’s trusted HVAC company.

The Many Benefits of Smart Thermostats in Western NC

Aside from promoting family harmony, programmable thermostats boast numerous advantages in both the long and short terms. WiFi-connected apps make managing your comfort easy, and clever insights about your HVAC usage empower you to make even better decisions. Homeowners enjoy nearly too many benefits to list, but among them, you’ll find that programmable thermostats:

  • IMPROVE EFFICIENCY: Efficiency is more than a buzzword, especially when it applies to HVAC equipment. Efficient AC and heating systems don’t need to work as hard. This extends their ultimate lifespan and helps homeowners kick repairs or outright replacement down the road.
  • MAXIMIZE COMFORT: Smart thermostats react to changes in the environment for consistent temperature control. When you have a lot of company and the home heats up, your smart thermostat can cool it down. On especially hot or cold days, the smart thermostat makes adjustments for you. Sure, you could watch the temperature like a hawk. But a smarter option can do that for you.
  • KEEP EVERYONE HAPPY: Some smart thermostats allow for temperature zoning options. Together with a smart damper, programmable thermostats can enable temperature control on a room-by-room basis. This way, everyone stays comfortable.
  • REDUCE ENERGY BILLS: Smart thermostats learn your schedule and adapt accordingly. While you’re out during the day, your programmable thermostat can relax. A half-hour or so before you get home, it’ll kick into gear. Add this up over the years and you’re looking at substantial savings on your utility bills—especially when compared to the last-gen thermostats you’re used to.
Find The Right Smart Thermostat For Your Property Today!

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Why Premier Indoor Comfort Systems for Smart Thermostats?

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What To Keep in Mind When Shopping for Smart Thermostats

When researching the right smart thermostat for your home, several considerations need to be made. Everything from the size of your property to how many hours you spend at home each day can impact your decision. These days, there are dozens of smart thermostats to choose from. If you’re unsure about which option is best for you, call Premier Indoor Comfort Systems today. Our NATE-certified technicians can walk you through the process and help you identify the features and functions that matter most.

When choosing a smart thermostat, think about:

  • COMPATIBILITY: The right smart thermostat for you should fit both your HVAC equipment and your mobile device.
    Integration: If you have other smart HVAC devices in your home, you’ll want a model that integrates seamlessly.
  • CERTIFICATION: Some programmable thermostats come with certifications, like an Energy Star rating.
  • FEATURES: WiFi connectivity is standard for most models, but not all. Additional bells and whistles can make all the difference.
  • USABILITY: A smart thermostat isn’t much good if a homeowner can’t work out how to use it. The right one should be intuitive for you.

What Our Happy Customers Say

Empower Your HVAC System to Work Smarter, Not Harder

The comfort of your home and the longevity of your HVAC equipment depends on your thermostat. It’s the thermostat, after all, that sends signals to your system. It determines daily operating hours, overall equipment lifespan, and the cost you’ll pay on monthly bills. Given how important your thermostat is, it might as well be smart enough to work for you. That’s where a smart thermostat installation from Premier Indoor Comfort Systems comes in.

Don’t go it alone when shopping for the best smart thermostat. Contact our NATE-certified technicians for a free quote today! We’ll guide you through your options, help you determine compatibility with your HVAC system, and install it for you. At Premier Indoor Comfort Systems, your family’s comfort is our top priority. Call today and learn what a programmable thermostat can do for you!