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Many homeowners and commercial businesses are considering a zoning system in Western NC for their space. A zoning system utilizes dampers throughout the ductwork of your home or building to push heated or cooled air to specific parts of a building, and keep heated or cooled air out of specific parts of a building. The dampers electronically move and shift as you set up where you want the air to go. Ultimately, this allows you to heat or cool the parts of a home or building that are being used, and not waste heated or cooled air on a part of a home or building that is not in use. Premier Indoor Comfort Systems can help you learn more about zoning systems and if they may be right for you.


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HVAC zoning in Western NC. allows you to specify what parts of a home or building are getting heated or cooled, what setting they are getting heated or cooled too and what time they are getting heated or cooled. This allows you to cool your family room in the afternoons or evenings when you are spending time there, without having to cool bedrooms no one is using until bedtime. Or, you can heat the downstairs of your home in the winter, without having to heat the upstairs. Some people also prefer to keep their kids’ room warmer than their own bedroom, and this type of system allows for that.


Some of the benefits that a zoning system has to offer include:


Here at Premier Indoor Comfort Systems, we would love to help you determine if zoning systems in Western NC are ideal for your home or business, and then install the system for you. We offer financing to help make sure the process is affordable for you, as well as offer service agreements to help you keep up with maintenance. Our company is dedicated to helping you every step of the way, from explaining to you the benefits of a zoning system to answering your questions to providing you with a fair quote to installing the system. Our current customers rave about us, and you can see what they have to say on Facebook, Yelp, and Google reviews. By the time we have completed your project, we hope to earn a five-star review from you as well.

For more information about zoning systems in Western NC, or to find out if one is right for your space, call Premier Indoor Comfort Systems today.

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