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At Premier Indoor Comfort Systems, we believe that many buildings in Western NC, could benefit from having UV lights installed. Ultraviolet lights are a great option for keeping the air in your home as clean as possible. They can be installed in the ductwork of a building so that all of the air that flows through is exposed to them.

Because of the high energy of the UV Lights, it’s able to deactivate viruses, bacteria, and mold. This makes it so that these dangerous contaminants can’t reproduce and make you sick. Having ultraviolet light in your building can give you peace of mind about the safety of the air you’re breathing inside.

Having an expert install a UV light system can ensure that it’s properly sized for your building. They can make sure that everything is hooked up safely and set up for optimal operation. You’ll receive training on the operation and care of your lighting system.


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It’s important to talk to an ultraviolet light expert about your options for a system. They can answer any of your questions and assist in making decisions on how to move forward.

There are many benefits to having ultraviolet lights in your building.

Ultraviolet lights can be a great investment in your home. They can improve the airflow throughout your space and keep your rooms fresh and clean. This can lead to reduced maintenance costs for your duct system, heater, and air conditioner.


At Premier Indoor Comfort Systems, we’re ready to install a UV system in any type of building in Whittier. Our locally owned and operated company has been in business since 1999. We focus on offering great customer service so that we can exceed expectations with everything we do. Our NATE-certified technicians are highly experienced, and they’re dedicated to giving each job their full attention. Our BBB-accredited business has earned an A+ rating, and we’re also certified by HomeAdvisor. The best interests of our customers are always kept in mind.

We strive to keep our services as accessible as possible. We charge reasonable rates for all of our work and can give you a cost estimate for any job. Our shop is located off of Bended Knee Drive in Whittier and is staffed with friendly and professional team members. We want people to have an outstanding experience when they choose to use any of our services.

To learn more about UV lights and how they could be beneficial in your Whittier home, call Premier Indoor Comfort Systems today.

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