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Improving Indoor Air Quality for Allergy Relief

Poor air quality causes a host of health problems, and they can worsen over time. You and your family might start to experience sneezing and general cold symptoms. Those with allergies will feel constantly attacked by the allergens and bacteria around them. Don’t let poor air quality make your home a dangerous place to live. Consider these effective indoor air quality solutions.

Quality HVAC Filters

An excessive amount of dust and other contaminants may be getting through your furnace or AC filter. Low-quality filters with a poor MERV rating often only catch the largest particulates, letting spores and microscopic allergens into your air supply. Improving the filter’s rating as well as ensuring it correctly fits your heating or cooling equipment can dramatically improve your air quality. You should also regularly switch out your filter when it begins to change color. The lifespan of your filter depends on the number of pets in the home, the accumulation of dust in your ducts, and various other factors.

Rigorous Cleaning Schedule

If you’re experiencing frequent allergy issues, your home may need to be cleaned more thoroughly. Pet hair and dander can sink into fabrics like rugs and upholstery. Using a high-powered vacuum every couple of days can pull out contaminants and improve the texture and smell of your furniture and fabrics. Don’t forget to regularly sweep and wipe down the rest of your home to remove dust and bugs. Your routine should regularly address every room, surface and appliance, from the blades of your ceiling fans to your blinds.

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are a great way to improve the air quality in individual rooms. If you have small children or immunocompromised family members, an air purifier can help them sleep easier and feel comfortable at night. You can also invest in a whole-home air purifier that can be installed directly into your heating and cooling system. This will remove more particulates and improve all of the home’s air. While this larger appliance often costs more, it ensures your home won’t suffer when local pollution is high.

Appropriate Ventilation Installation

Your home needs strong ventilation to remove impurities and contaminants in the air. While it may feel refreshing to open your windows once in a while, you’re likely just letting in outside allergens, pests, and pollution. A new whole-house fan can be installed in your attic to pull hot, contaminated air out of the home. This allows fresh air to be drawn in, improving breathability and the overall air quality. Many homes use this eco-friendly appliance during the summer instead of an air conditioning unit. You can ventilate regularly during the year to flush out particulates and make room for healthier air.

Professional Duct Cleaning

If you’re seeing a lot of dust in the air but you’re not sure where it’s coming from, your ductwork may be overdue for a cleaning. Hire professional services immediately upon moving into a new home to remove traces the former residents left behind. Regardless of the strength or quality of your filters, dust will build up in your ducts over time. The only way to thoroughly clean and sanitize your home’s ductwork is with professional expertise. A professional cleaning can substantially improve your indoor air quality and protect your heating and cooling system from premature damage or replacement.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

You may have already tried these cleaning recommendations and advanced filters but still can’t find the cause of your low air quality. Professional indoor air quality testing can determine what’s affecting your home. You may be using harmful cleaning supplies that are lingering in the air, or you may have a gas leak in your furnace. During indoor air quality testing, samples will be taken from the air in different parts of your home to determine what chemicals, particulates, and gases are lingering on the property. Testing will better inform the way you clean your home and take care of your air quality in the future.

Turn to the Experts

Premier Indoor Comfort Systems provides excellent heating and cooling services to families in Whittier, NC and the surrounding areas. That includes installation, maintenance, and repairs. Since 1999, we’ve been dedicated to your safety and indoor comfort. Our NATE-certified technicians have comprehensive knowledge of all heating and cooling equipment makes and models. Our team can maintain or repair your furnace, heat pump or air conditioner. We’re also extensively experienced in air purification, indoor air quality testing, and UV light installation. Call today to schedule an appointment.