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Furnace Banging Noises: Possible Causes

Your furnace is one of the most important appliances in your home. As such, it must be maintained and repaired regularly to continue doing the important work of regulating temperatures in your home. Failing to service your furnace routinely could result in reduced efficiency as the unit experiences increased wear and tear over time. This can often lead to strange noises coming from the furnace. Sounds such as hissing, clicking, whining, and banging all point to the need for an inspection. Persistent banging and clanging sounds are present when your furnace is about to sustain significant damage if you continue to ignore it. Here are some reasons your furnace might be making banging noises and other unsual sounds.

Delayed Ignition

Delayed ignition occurs when your furnace burners don’t light immediately when your thermostat calls for heat. This leads to increased wear on your furnace, reduced efficiency, and safety hazards relating to the build-up of unburned gas in your unit, which can ignite suddenly and cause significant damage to your home. Furnaces with delayed ignition are not able to heat your home as efficiently as one that is well-maintained and functioning properly; take care of this issue as soon as possible to keep your system running smoothly.

Clogged Air Filters

Dirty air filters are a common issue that people experience with furnaces. Dust particles, dirt, debris, and gas residue build up and saturate fibers within the filter, eventually rendering it useless. As your filter is responsible for pushing air into your ductwork, you’ll eventually get less air flowing into your system. This lack of air causes negative pressure, leading to ducts being pushed inward and causing banging noises; change and check your filters frequently to keep air flowing freely as well as to reduce the levels of indoor air pollution in your home.

Ill-Fitting Ductwork

There are times when incompatible parts contribute to the banging noises that your system makes when cycling on and off. Consider your ductwork size if you hear it consistently originating through vents. If your ducts are too small to handle the pressure that builds up in your system, you will hear banging noises. Air pressure has become too great for your system to handle, and your ductwork will expand suddenly to handle the influx of air moving through them. This could contribute to leaks, holes, and gaps in your system that lead to more serious issues. Have your ductwork inspected and evaluated by a trained HVAC professional to determine if it is the right size and shape for your system and your home.

Dirty Ductwork

When your ductwork is allowed to collect layers of dust, dirt, debris, and even solid waste from pests and rodents, you’ll hear all about it. Not only will you notice a banging noise as these pollutants flow through your system, but you’ll also inevitably experience reduced indoor air quality as these same particles flow throughout rooms in your home, leading to potential health issues as well.

Broken Fan Blades

Blower fan blades are hard at work, constantly moving air through your exchanger and ductwork. Over time, these components become worn, cracked, and broken. If pieces of the fan have broken off or have become loose, you’ll likely hear them moving their way through your system as they search for a settling place. This is a potentially dangerous situation as well, for broken parts can move through other mechanical areas in your system, causing additional damage. Have an HVAC professional inspect all moving components of your system to make sure that you don’t have any wayward parts threatening to do damage to the rest of your furnace.

Your Partner in Proactive Furnace Care

Is your furnace speaking to you? It’s time to listen to the signs and sounds that may point you to proactive furnace repair. Premier Indoor Comfort Systems proudly serves residents of Whittier and the surrounding area. We provide solutions for heating and cooling repair, installation and maintenance, indoor air quality testing, ductless mini-split services, radiant heating, and smart technologies. We will quiet your angry HVAC system and provide lasting relief from those banging noises that lead to an eventual furnace failure. Contact us today for a comprehensive assessment and repair of your HVAC system.