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Choosing the Best Furnace in Western NC

Heating is necessary for everyone, especially during the cold months. While Western NC does not receive the lowest temperatures during winter, it still gets considerably cold, which is why you should ensure you have a functional furnace in the house to keep you warm.

When it comes to choosing the best type of furnace for your Western NC home, you can choose from electric, gas, or oil furnaces, depending on your personal preference. For many people, the most important thing to consider is how energy efficient the furnace will be.

However, there are other factors you need to consider to determine which one will save your energy consumption and keep you as warm as possible. Some of the factors to consider and compare include:


People measure furnace output in BTUs. The more BTUs a furnace produces, the more efficient it is. Electricity is by far the most efficient because it produces more heat with less energy. Electric furnaces use almost 100% of the power they get to produce heat.

However, a gas or oil furnace loses around 5%-30% of efficiency before converting oil or gas into heat. Electric furnaces are between 100% and 300% efficient; gas furnaces have a 98% efficiency, while oil furnaces’ efficiency ranges from 78%-87%.


Initial and running costs are essential to consider because they determine how much you save in the long run. Electricity furnaces are the cheapest to buy and install. With gas and oil furnaces, you have to buy other parts like exhausts and make a new connection to the power grid.

However, when running the furnaces, the costs differ depending on where you are because, in some places, electricity is cheaper than oil and gas, while in others, the opposite is true. However, in Western NC, electricity is cheaper than oil and gas, which means you will spend less using an electric furnace.

Installation Process

Installing an electric furnace is easier and faster than installing a gas or oil furnace. Electric furnaces come compact, unlike oil and gas furnaces that have additional parts like exhaust vents, fuel pipes, and storage systems that you need to attach.

Also, most houses in Western NC are already connected to the electrical grid or already have solar panels. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the plans to connect to the gas and oil power supply.


Electric furnaces are by far the safest furnaces you can install in your home. Unlike oil and gas, they do not produce any fumes. The fumes that oil and gas furnaces produce could contain dangerous gases like carbon monoxide and allergens.

If you do not install the exhausts of your gas and oil furnaces in an excellent outdoor location, these fumes could get into the house and endanger your health, your family, and your pets.

Electric furnaces also do not have a pilot light, which increases the chances of an explosion when you try restarting the system.


Electrical furnaces are easy to clean and maintain. Oil and gas, on the other, require regular preventive maintenance to ensure maximum performance. Oil furnaces, for example, need regular cleaning in the combustion chamber to remove soot build-up.


Oil furnaces heat up faster and hotter than gas and electric furnaces. They also retain the heat longer without needing more fuel. Electric furnaces adjust slower to heat changes, and you have to wait longer for it to start heating your room.

However, electric furnaces are the quietest and don’t produce any noise as they operate, unlike gas and oil furnaces.


Electricity is readily available to many people because of the extensive connection to the power grid.
To ensure you choose the best one, you should check whether there are existing connections to oil or gas fuel. Some places already have the connections, making gas and oil furnaces just as available as electric furnaces.


Electric furnaces have the longest lifetime of about 20-30 years. Oil furnaces follow closely with a life expectancy of about 25 years. Gas furnaces last between 10 and 20 years, making them the least durable.

However, the years could increase or reduce depending on how much you use your furnace and how well you maintain it.

Environmental Friendliness

Gas and oil furnaces emit gases and fumes into the environment, which not only pollutes the air but could also harm plants around the exhaust vents. Electric furnaces, on the other hand, do not have any emissions.

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